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  Torus Digital Concepts is a subsidiary of Torus Games Pty. Ltd. located in Melbourne, Australia specifically focused on the emerging Serious Games sector.

Torus Games was founded in 1994 and has delivered more than 90 video game titles on almost all popular video game platforms. Currently with 65 staff comprising software engineering, computer art, design, sound, production and quality assurance resources.

Torus Digital Concepts builds on this legacy of success in software engineering and technology, combined with experienced curriculum development, to create innovative solutions in an exciting new market.
Torus is currently involved in a number of Serious Games projects including:
  • Virtual version of a scenario based training "village" used by the Victorian Police.
  • Driver training and testing using real cars on a motion platform.
  • Educational games for children to teach mathematics using a proprietary platform.
  • Collaboration with a heavy mining plant training specialist using the virtual world.
  • Development of a hazard perception part task trainer for local government.
  • Collaboration with local motor sports company to deliver driver training to the army and police.
Serious Games

This term applies to the application of advanced video game technology to games that have serious purposes. Examples include defense, security, driver training, occupational health and safety, visualisation, engineering, biomedical, infrastructure, simulation and scenario based training.

Serious Games is a serious business opportunity in a new market sector that is growing at 6 times the rate of the video games industry with an estimated global expenditure on training for 2005 of US$2.2 trillion.

Whether you need to train firefighters, dismantle a drilling rig, operate a crane, command a squad of soldiers, hunt submarines, or learn to operate a lathe, Serious Games can provide a safe, cost effective way to train your people. Torus can consult, design, develop, test, and deploy any and all of your virtual training requirements and Serious Games applications.
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